The Credit Card

When Kurt Cobain died, Tom Grant (PI hired by Courtney to find Kurt in his missing days) asked for his credit card transation log. After looking at it, Grant thought it was alarming because Cobain’s death took place somewhere between the 5th and 6th of April, and the activity of Cobain’s card continued on  April 6th. Immediately, Grant informed the Seattle Police department. One of the officers said he was going to take care of the matter, talking to Seafirst Bank. The bank said that “they had only been able to identify when the information was logged onto their mainframe computer, and not specifically when the attempt was made or who it was made by“. It means that the activity in Kurt’s card is delayed, doesn’t show real time transactions. Tom Grant doesn’t believe in the bank statement. However, his scans of the transactions reveal the bank and police were right.

Looking at the activities of Cobain’s card provided by Tom Grant, on the top line it reads:

4/2/94   $478.00  DELTA AIR

Considering Kurt bought his Delta Airlines plane ticket from LAX to SEA-TAC on April 1st, and the transaction log shows it was approved on the 2nd, it is a fact that the credit card activity is indeed delayed.

Seafirst Credit Card transactions

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